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WebOct 26,  · mediatype:(texts) AND contributor:(mit) Spotlight_identifier determiningwheat00spra Storage_size Title MIT Libraries Title_message Free Books. WebFree Download - MIT Press WebTextbook. Published in by Wellesley-Cambridge Press, the book is a useful resource for educators and self-learners alike. It is well organized, covers single variable and WebMar 8,  · Book catalog - The MIT Press. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted WebMIT Technology Review is a magazine wholly owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and editorially independent of the university. It was founded in as The ... read more

It is well organized, covers single variable and multivariable calculus in depth, and is rich with applications. The complete textbook is also available as a single file. PDF - Highlights of Calculus MIT Professor Gilbert Strang has created a series of videos to show ways in which calculus is important in our lives. The videos, which include real-life examples to illustrate the concepts, are ideal for high school students, college students, and anyone interested in learning the basics of calculus. ChapterS FILES 1: Introduction to Calculus, pp. Maximum, pp. Integration, pp. Browse Course Material Textbook. Instructor's Manual. Study Guide. Related Resources. Course Info. Gilbert Strang. by Harris, James W. James Wesley. In this study, the phonological component of a transformation generative grammar of Spanish is studied in the framework of the phonological theory whose most recent and comprehensive formulation appears in The Sound Pattern of English by Chomsky and Halle.

Topics: Spanish language -- Phonology, Spanish language -- Grammar, Generative, Espagnol Langue by Mark D. Altschule Ed. xii, pages : 23 cm Topics: Pineal gland -- Congresses, Pinéale, Glande -- Physiologie, Pineal gland, Pineal Gland by Vose, Michael D. The Simple Genetic Algorithm SGA is a classical form of genetic search. Viewing the SGA as a mathematical object, Michael D. Vose provides an introduction to what is known i. He also makes available algorithms for the computation of mathematical objects related to the SGA. Although he describes the SGA in terms of heuristic search, the book is not about search or optimization per se.

Rather, the focus is on the SGA as an evolutionary system. The author Single crystal elastic constants and calculated aggregate properties: a handbook. by Simmons, Gene, ; Wang, Herbert, author. by Narens, Louis. The need for quantitative measurement represents a unifying bond that links all the physical, biological, and social sciences. Measurements of such disparate phenomena as subatomic masses, uncertainty, information, and human values share common features whose explication is central to the achievement of foundational work in any particular mathematical science as well as for the development of a coherent philosophy of science. This book presents a theory of measurement, one that is Kelvin's Baltimore lectures and modern theoretical physics : historical and philosophical perspectives.

by Kargon, Robert; Achinstein, Peter; Kelvin, William Thomson, Baron, In Sir William Thomson later Lord Kelvin delivered a significant series of lectures on physics at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The lectures remain important because, through their explicit presentation of the theories and metaphysical assumptions of the Newtonian mechanistic tradition, they illuminate the roots of the revolution in physics that began around This book presents the twenty lectures in their original form for the first time. A greatly revised version of Topics: Kelvin, William Thomson, Baron, , Kelvin, William Thomson, , Kelvin, William by Nielson, C.

by Shepard, Roger N; Cooper, Lynn A. This book collects some of the most exciting pioneering work in perceptual and cognitive psychology. The authors' quantitative approach to the study of mental images and their representation is clearly depicted in this invaluable volume of research which presents, interprets, evaluates, and extends their work. The selections are preceded by a thorough review of the history of their experiments, and all of the articles have been updated with reviews of the current literature. The book's first by Riemsdijk, Henk C. In the last 30 years, linguists have built a considerable and highly sophisticated body of work on generative grammar.

Today the field is more active than ever before. Introduction to the Theory of Grammar makes available to teachers and students of syntax a comprehensive critical review of the main results of present day grammatical theory and shows how they were achieved. It presents the central questions, shows how and why they were asked, what the answers were, and how these have led to new Topics: Grammar, Comparative and general -- Syntax, Generative grammar, Gramática transformacional, by Bateman, Glenn. Includes bibliographical references and index Topics: Magnetohydrodynamic instabilities, Tokamaks, Magnétohydrodynamique, Plasma Gaz ionisés , by Cootner, Paul Harold.

The traditional assumption that stock price changes could in theory be forecast by sufficiently detailed analysis of previous price fluctuations has only recently been found to have little empirical support when examined statistically. Some investigators now conclude that stock price changes are best approximated by classical Brownian motion. Topics: Speculation, Stock exchanges, Probabilities. by Séquin, Carlo H. This conference is the thirteenth in a series that has been held at CalTech, MIT, University of North Carolina, and Stanford. Systems design and integration is the special focus of the conference. Carlo H. Sí©quin is a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Richard tr. But his magnum opus is certainly The Great Art, the first full bloom of Renaissance mathematics. by Philip J. Stone, Dexter C. Dunphy, Marshall S. Smith, and Daniel M. The General Inquirer is a unique set of procedures for identifying, in a useful and meaningful way, recurrent patterns within the rich variety of mans written and spoken communications.

Using the computer to implement analysis procedures, the General Inquirer provides a remarkably flexible common referent for testing the hypotheses of different investigators. It provides investigators with explicit procedures that can be exchanged, applied to one anothers data, discussed, argued, and revised, Viewing the earth : the social construction of the Landsat satellite system. by Mack, Pamela Etter. Viewing the Earth examines the role played by interest groups in shaping the process of technological change, offering valuable insights into how technologies evolve. It traces the history of Landsat from its origins through the launch and use of the first few satellites, showing how a variety of forces shape the form and the eventual reception of any new technology. The Landsat earth resources satellite system was a project of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration that was created Topics: United States.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Landsat satellites, Astronautics and by Isaacs, Harold R. Harold Robert , , compiler. Straw Sandals is a collection of 23 stories, a play, and a poem by 16 Chinese writers selected to represent the radical literature produced in China between and It was assembled in Peking in by Harold R. Isaacs with the advice and guidance of Lu Hsn, Chinas foremost literary figure of this century, and Mao Tun, leading novelist of the younger group that had gathered around Lu Hsn in those tumultuous years. Topics: Short stories, Chinese -- Translations into English, Manners and customs, Short stories, Chinese, by Wattenberg, Frank, Computers can be effective tools for participating in the affairs of the world. They can also be used by the "experts" to erect barriers to participation.

This book is a self-contained tutorial that can assist any reader with a background in high school mathematics in learning how to apply personal computing to enhance his or her understanding of modern quantitative methods in such areas as politics and economics, in environment and ecology, or in probability and statistics. The first Topics: Mathematics, Computer programming, Mathematics Use of Computers. John Von Neumann and Norbert Wiener : from mathematics to the technologies of life and death. by Heims, Steve J. John von Neumann and Norbert Wiener were mathematician-scientists, both child prodigies born near the turn of the century. As young men each made profound contributions to abstract mathematics. Topics: Von Neumann, John, , Wiener, Norbert, , Von Neumann, John , Wiener, by Tong, Pin; Rossettos, John N. John Nicholas. The theoretical foundations of Chinese medicine : systems of correspondence. by Porkert, Manfred, author. Although in the United States the scientific value of acupuncture is only now being clinically evaluated for the first time, needling is only one of a number of therapeutic disciplines which have proved effective in China for over two thousand years and which today provide common remedies for more than one quarter of the worlds population.

Why, asks Dr. Porkert, shouldnt medical men everywhere have access to the premises and results of this medical knowledge? Topics: Medicine, Chinese, Medicine, East Asian Traditional, Philosophy, Medical, Médecine chinoise, Medicinal plants of East and Southeast Asia : attributed properties and uses. by Perry, Lily May, ; Metzger, Judith. Bibliography: p. by Marshall R. A volume in The M. Studies in Comparative Politics Series, The Emerging Elite is the first intensive study of the political leadership of any South Asian country. The assessment was undertaken through an analysis of historical data to determine traditional leadership patterns and through evaluation of attitudinal and biographical data on every individual to have held national political office in Ceylon since by Nordlinger, Eric A.

Bostons fourteen Little City Halls and the Office of Public Service, which administers them, are an experiment that Joseph S. Slavet, Director of the Boston Urban Observatory, calls one of the more innovative and controversial models of urban decentralization operating throughout the nation. Topics: Decentralization in government -- Massachusetts -- Boston, Municipal services -- Massachusetts by Meadows, A. Arthur Jack. Prasad and K. Larson, "A low-cost, open-source, and distributed ocean profiling sensor node," IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium SAS , , pp. Reddy, R. Williams and C.

Henley, Connor, et al. Sarkar, D. Revealing nanostructures in brain tissue via protein decrowding by iterative expansion microscopy. Eng Ostrowski, A. Haar Horowitz, Adam Jedidiah. Interfacing With Dreams: Novel Technologies and Protocols for Targeted Dream Incubation. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Groh, Matthew, Craig Ferguson, Robert Lewis, and Rosalind W. IEEE, Zhao, H. Najjar, D. A lab-on-a-chip for the concurrent electrochemical detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA and anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in saliva and plasma. Das, M. What Do We Mean When We Write About Ethics, Equity, And Justice In Engineering Design? Song H, Israel EA, Gutierrez-Arango S, Teng AC, Srinivasan SS, Freed LE, Herr HM.

Agonist-antagonist Muscle Strain in the Residual Limb Preserves Motor Control and Perception after Amputation. Communication Medicine Lond. doi: 0. Williams, R. Int J Artif Intell Educ Yeon, Seong Ho, et al. Visual Transformer Meets CutMix for Improved Accuracy, Communication Efficiency, and Data Privacy in Split Learning. Ramsay, David, and Joe Paradiso. Epstein Z and Hause L. Yourfeed: Towards open science and interoperable systems for social media. IEEE in Medicine and Biology Society. Plasek, David W. Bates, and Li Zhou. Jeong, S. Designing and Deploying Robotic Companions to Improve Human Psychological Wellbeing [Doctoral Dissertation]. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ali, S. Bot: Social Robots as Creative Problem-Solving Partners. In Creativity and Cognition pp. In Interaction Design and Children pp.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. The MIT Press is committed to re-imagining what a university press can be. Known for iconic design, rigorous scholarship, and creative technology, the Press advances knowledge by publishing significant works by pioneering international authors. The MIT Press is the only university press in the United States whose list is based in science and technology. This does not mean that science and technology are all we publish, but it does mean that we are committed to the edges and frontiers of the world—to exploring new fields and new modes of inquiry. We publish over new books a year and over 30 journals. We are a major publishing presence in fields as diverse as art, architecture, economics, cognitive science, game studies and computer science to name just a few. Internet Archive logo A line drawing of the Internet Archive headquarters building façade.

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Search metadata Search text contents Search TV news captions Search radio transcripts Search archived web sites Advanced Search. remove-circle Share This Collection. Filters RESULTS. Media Type Media Type. Year Year. Collection Collection. Creator Creator. Language Language. Show Details SHOW DETAILS. VIEWS TITLE DATE ARCHIVED DATE PUBLISHED DATE REVIEWED DATE ADDED CREATOR. SORT BY. by Mehrabian, Albert; Russell, James A. James Albert , author. Includes bibliographical references pages Topics: Emotions, Environmental psychology, Environment, Psychology, Experimental, Social Environment, by Sebeok, Thomas A.

The study of literary style is often regarded as the exclusive province of the literary critic; yet, since verbal and literary expression are types of behavior involving the use of linguistic forms in a cultural context, it is apparent that the linguist, the psychologist, and the anthropologist are also concerned with aspects of verbal and literary style. The question then arises: Will interaction between these diverse disciplines result in a clearer understanding of the nature and Topics: Psyche, Sprachstil, Stil, Stylistique. KARDIO : a study in deep and qualitative knowledge for expert systems. by Bratko, Ivan, ; Mozetič, Igor; Lavrač, Nada. This book is the first detailed account of the development of a complex and successful expert system based on deep and qualitative knowledge.

It shows how the qualitative modeling approach, using logic based representations and machine learning techniques, can be used to construct knowledge bases whose complexity is far beyond the capability of traditional, dialogue based techniques of knowledge acquisition. The relevant techniques are demonstrated in full detail in the building of Kardio, a by Akhundov, Murad Davudovich, author. This fresh and original work by a young Soviet philosopher of science is a noteworthy event. Murad Akhundov combines a technical proficiency in science with a deep interest and understanding of the cultural and historical background of scientific concepts. He uses these disparate points of view and his broad knowledge of both Western and Soviet scholarship to shed new light on the classical problem of the sources, evolution, and current directions of human conceptions of space and time.

by Joan Bresnan Ed. lii, pages ; 24 cm Topics: Relational grammar, Psycholinguistics, Grammaire relationnelle, Psycholinguistique, by Venkataraman, G. Ganesan , ; Feldkamp, L. by Buddensieg, Tilmann. Now the full story of the extraordinary collaboration between Peter Behrens and the AEG is disclosed in this extensive account of his industrial, graphic, and architectural designs. Illustrated with halftones, 31 line drawings, and 53 four-color Topics: Behrens, Peter, , Behrens Peter -- Architektur -- AEG-Aktiengesellschaft, Behrens Peter by Von Neumann, John; Aspray, William, editor; Burks, Arthur W. Arthur Walter , , editor. This volume brings together for the first time John von Neumann's long-out-of-print articles on computer architecture, programming, large-scale computing, and automata theory. A number of significant papers in these areas that were not included in the multivolume John von Neumann.

Collected Works have now been reprinted here. These pioneering articles - written between the mids and the mids - are of enduring value not only to computer historians but to computer scientists at Topics: Von Neumann, John, , Von Neumann, John , Von Neumann, John, Electronic digital by Gelfand, I. A major achievement of Soviet mathematics education is the extensive program of extracurricular activities designed to discover and train future mathematicians and scientists at an early age. In recent years this program has taken on new dimensions. In , the world-renowned mathematician, I. Gelfand, organized the Mathematics Correspondence School at Moscow University. Admission is based on highly competitive examinations. By more than 8, gifted secondary school students were Topics: Sequences Mathematics -- Problems, exercises, etc, Combinations -- Problems, exercises, etc, by Hunter, Louis C.

This richly documented overview of the evolution of power systems completes a major contribution to the history of American technology, business, and society. Volume 1, a survey of the continuing use of water power in the nineteenth century, was published in and was awarded the Dexter Prize in the history of technology. Volume 2, published shortly after Hunter's death in , dealt with the advent of steam power. Now Lynwood Bryant has edited and completed Hunter's draft materials to Topics: Water-power -- Economic aspects -- United States -- History, Water rights -- United States Source: removedNEL. by von Hippel, Arthur R. World revolutionary elites : studies in coercive ideological movements.

by Harold D. Lasswell and Daniel Lerner Eds. by Frederick W. In the momentous four decades after , Turkey followed a near-classic political course. She experienced a nationalist revolution against Great Power interference.

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WebDownloadable Books Free Innovation (): How citizens create and share innovations Download a free PDF of the book (Creative Commons License) Free mobile format WebMar 8,  · Book catalog - The MIT Press. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted Web(PDF - MB) Highlights of Calculus MIT Professor Gilbert Strang has created a series of videos to show ways in which calculus is important in our lives. The videos, which WebMIT Technology Review is a magazine wholly owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and editorially independent of the university. It was founded in as The WebNov 16,  · Download Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition (The MIT Press) read ebook Online PDF EPUB KINDLE Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition (The MIT WebJul 26,  · View flipping ebook version of DOWNLOAD/PDF A Course in Semantics (The MIT Press) published by blogger.comton on Interested in flipbooks about ... read more

This ed. As communities across the world gather to celebrate harvest festivals—including Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Unthanksgiving, or Thankstaking—you might be reaching for peer-reviewed books to help make sense of food justice, a field at the intersection of health, economics, climate, social science, politics, law, and more. Reprint of v. This modern attitude is not unlike the seventeenth-century faith that mechanical principles would explain the sensibilities and actions of animate bodies. In the last 30 years, linguists have built a considerable and highly sophisticated body of work on generative grammar. Topics: Von Neumann, John, , Wiener, Norbert, , Von Neumann, John , Wiener,

Supplemental Resources. by Simmons, Gene, ; Wang, Herbert, mit university press free download pdf, author. It shows how the qualitative modeling approach, using logic based representations and machine learning techniques, can be used to construct knowledge bases whose complexity is far beyond the capability of traditional, dialogue based techniques of knowledge acquisition. Rico, S. Chapter 5 - complete PDF - 3.